Case Studies

LJP Screen Cap

Laura Jennings Photography

This site is the crown jewel of sites we have worked on up to this point, it has it all. It’s attractive, easy to use, mobile ready, set up for eCommerce, and has tons of content. Photography is an extremely competitive field with new social media pages and websites popping up all the time.This site can consistently be found on the first page of many search engines for various photography related search terms. This business has been very successful and is almost entirely run off traffic from internet search engines.

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Life’s a Beach Real Estate

Real Estate is another very competitive industry, especially in coastal towns and beach areas it seems like everyone is a realtor with their own site! This was a late 2015 build and though this site is not very old, it is performing well above expectations, consistently returning hundreds of new visitors per month and multiple leads daily. It is currently climbing the rankings and should be breaking into the front pages soon!

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Panama City Beach SUP, LLC

This site has certainly given some competing business owners a “who is this guy and where did he come from” moment! This site is generating excellent traffic and within 8 months, can be found on the first page of numerous search engines.

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